you know those rare speakers who deliver a message that sticks with you? consider alex duct tape.
you'll remember her talk.

Alex's bread-and-butter as a speaker is helping college students & young professionals learn to love uncertainty so that they're less stressed and more likely to find fulfillment. Your students & employees will be sending her thank-you emails for decades to come, so just go ahead and give your people what they want!

And if your people want a customized talk around something specific? She does that, too.

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The tools college students need to avoid burnout, navigate the unknown, and actually have some fun. In this talk, students begin to reframe their relationship with uncertainty, learn the 3 most important questions to ask in order to increase clarity/decrease stress, and score a 5-piece toolkit for navigating the road ahead with joy-- speed bumps and all.

uncertainty university

uncertainty incorporated

Similar to Uncertainty University, but tailored for a young (or young in spirit) professional audience. This talk incorporates reframing, clarifying questions, and acquiring tools to create a healthy relationship with uncertainty-- all in the context of building a career and lifestyle that is sustainable, flexible, and fulfilling. Alex works in plenty of stories from the adventure that is entrepreneurship!

alex's signature talks:

confident on-camera 101

Being on-camera is inevitable these days-- whether it's because you're seeking a career as talent, or because you need to utilize video content on social media to promote your business or cause. If we're all in the spotlight at some point, why not be good at it? In this talk, Alex draws on over a decade of on-camera experience to give her audience practical tips and tricks for being more confident and captivating on-camera... and, in life. You'll learn how to B.E. A. P.U.G and you won't forget it.

Alex loves to collaborate-- let's get creative with a talk for your campus, org, business, or non-profit! Alex is happy to incorporate specific topics of interest, pain points, values, themes, and stories into her presentation to check off everything on your wish-list. Let's create that sense of intentionality, thoughtfulness, and 'she's talking to me!' for your audience.

customized presentations

She'll definitely be using some stories from these adventures...

No one has ever met or hired Alex Hudgens
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"Alex became my secret weapon to getting over my self-doubt and going after what I want in life."

"She inspires others by the fearlessness she displays in her own life, her empathy, and through her casual insightful motivation. She could see things about me that my mind's negative self-talk wouldn't allow me to notice, and express it in an easy to digest manner. I'm grateful to have met and started working with her in my early twenties, but I wish I'd been exposed to women like her when I was in high school and college."


kicked self-doubt in the teeth

Yes, alex is Really good.

"Alex came to me at a time when I was totally uncertain on what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be." 

"Alex’s mindset, introspective focus, and clear insights immediately shifted my perspective, reorienting me to a more clear and meaningful way of looking at life, and gave me a framework for prioritizing what mattered, and not getting lost in the details. Her emotional intelligence and infectious charisma are matched only by her ability to teach and lead others to a more fulfilling and stress-free lifestyle."


found clarity & learned to prioritize

"Alex has this gift of identifying exactly what you need and providing you with the right resources."

"Thanks to her curiosity and inquisitive approach to coaching, I’ve been able to alleviate some of my anxieties around work/career, gain better direction, and adapt to a more flexible, growth mindset.”


alleviated anxiety


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