what if workshops didn't have to be
so boring?

spurr's answer:
pizza, pajamas, purpose

Who wants to sit in a cold conference room's hard plastic chair and get told that they need better time management skills? Spurr seeks to disrupt the old (crusty) personal development workshop model with fun, safe spaces that create an opportunity for personal growth and community connection. For instance, the pictures on this page are from our Pizza, Pajamas, Purpose event-- and most of those women just met.

Spurr also offers 1:1 private coaching with Alex, group coaching, personalized workshops, and a weekly Monday morning newsletter called Ready...Set..Go that is lovingly referred to as 'Your favorite kick-in-the-ass, every Monday morning.' Keep scrolling down to subscribe. You'll be glad you did.

serves impact-driven badasses by equipping them with tools, community, & inspiration-- through coaching, workshops, events, and online resources.

"It’s an incredible chance to connect with like-minded and driven women in a way that doesn’t feel forced. I love that everyone is in pajamas, it evens the playing field and makes it feel less intimidating."

on pizza, pajamas, purpose:

The life you're dreaming of isn't just in reach-- it's knocking down the door trying to get to you. You're already doing the work; shoutout to those self-help books you've ordered and podcasts you've downloaded. But here's the thing: humans are built for community. We need each other to stay on track. To explore blindspots that have been holding us back for years, whether we know it or not. To dream bigger and brighter than we realized we could, while we let go of fear and worry. To cheer each other on when we take big risks and to celebrate like crazy when the rewards start pouring in. To build a foundation of joy so that we can stand firm in any circumstance. To practice gratitude and contentment, while always staying hungry for what's next.
To serve well, and love well. To remind each other that since we truly only have one shot at this [ life ] thing, we might as well really go for it. 

So-- let's do this together. Let's add some structure and accountability to your week. Let's fight for your right to have a little fun. Let's bring in more money than ever before and find purposeful ways to spend it. Let's seek balance in your work and your personal life so that you're genuinely enjoying both.

Everything that Spurr does is creatively curated with you in mind.
When you join us for an event, log into a coaching session, or open Ready...Set..Go. in your inbox Monday morning,
you'll leave feeling better than you did when you came in.

Spurr's services inspire and empower people to change their lives (+ the world).
They're also a really fun time. You in? 

At spurr, we believe that lasting joy and fulfillment are sustained by choosing to join powerful self-work with generous contribution to others. 

a manifesto, of sorts

You've got to get really clear on what you actually want in order to create the life of your dreams. Vision casting is no joke! Spurr content (even our newsletter) provides the challenging questions, guided exercises, thoughtful feedback, and encouragement you need to find the answers... and direction... you're looking for.



Create, deepen, and heal meaningful relationships in the personal and professional realms of your life with the skills you learn in 1:1 or group coaching settings. Find new friends and collaborators at our workshops. Expand your network and cultivate leadership skills in safe settings with empowering peers. We know the people you've been looking for!

what you get with spurr coaching, workshops, and online resources:


We've got consistent growth & accountability on lock-- a weekly newsletter that sets you up for success every Monday, regular coaching calls and goal tracking in our 1:1 coaching format, built-in commitment setting in our workshops. Big vision requires strong, consistent habits. Spurr helps you build and maintain them without all the stress.

"Alex became my secret weapon to getting over my self-doubt and going after what I want in life."

"She inspires others by the fearlessness she displays in her own life, her empathy, and through her casual insightful motivation. She could see things about me that my mind's negative self-talk wouldn't allow me to notice, and express it in an easy to digest manner. I'm grateful to have met and started working with her in my early twenties, but I wish I'd been exposed to women like her when I was in high school and college."


kicked self-doubt in the teeth

Yes, alex is Really good.

"Alex came to me at a time when I was totally uncertain on what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be." 

"Alex’s mindset, introspective focus, and clear insights immediately shifted my perspective, reorienting me to a more clear and meaningful way of looking at life, and gave me a framework for prioritizing what mattered, and not getting lost in the details. Her emotional intelligence and infectious charisma are matched only by her ability to teach and lead others to a more fulfilling and stress-free lifestyle."


found clarity & learned to prioritize

"Alex has this gift of identifying exactly what you need and providing you with the right resources."

"Thanks to her curiosity and inquisitive approach to coaching, I’ve been able to alleviate some of my anxieties around work/career, gain better direction, and adapt to a more flexible, growth mindset.”


alleviated anxiety

I'm alex,
your new secret weapon.

If you need:
- a speaker to encourage your students
- an emcee to energize your event
- a moderator to engage your panel
- an actor to spice up your production
- a coach to champion & challenge you
- a workshop to empower your employees
- a reporter to rock your red carpet
- a stranger to pet your dog...
I'm in.

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