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Alex Hudgens is a speaker who helps college students & young professionals learn to love uncertainty so that they're less stressed and more likely to find fulfillment. Your students & employees will be sending her thank-you emails for decades to come, so just go ahead and give your people what they want!

In addition to being a speaker, Alex is an Emmy-nominated journalist & producer, tv host, coach, writer, actor, pug mom... you know. An OG multi-hyphenate. So what does that mean for you?

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alex is here to

Seeing as she's thumb-wrestled The Rock and won multiple times (video proof below), you could say that Alex has achieved absolutely wild professional success. *pause for applause*

Now, she gets to spend most of her time helping students & young professionals get under the hood and do a 'tune-up' of their relationship with uncertainty, in order to decrease anxiety and increase fulfillment.

Alex comes to serve as the guide, the old(er) hitchhiker with some stories, wisdom, and practical tools to share;
your people are the drivers. They’re the heroes of the story.

from the red carpet
to your campus or colleagues.

READY TO Get them less stressed, more grounded, and maybe even-- happier?

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I'm alex,
your new secret weapon.

If you need:
- a speaker to encourage your students
- an emcee to energize your event
- a moderator to engage your panel
- an actor to spice up your production
- a coach to champion & challenge you
- a workshop to empower your employees
- a reporter to rock your red carpet
- a stranger to pet your dog...
I'm in.

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the thumb wrestling proof you were promised.

“Alex is a captivating speaker who truly knows how to engage her audience and break down any barriers around uncertainty. She brings years of experience and enthusiasm that left us feeling not only prepared but excited to take on the unknown. Her refreshing perspective provided me with the tools and mindset I needed to be successful.”



Alex has over 15 year of public speaking experience and real talk: she's good at it. Especially when it comes to reaching college students and young professionals. Speaking in front of a group is the #1 human fear according to some studies, so Alex is already in a league of her own seeing as... she likes it.


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Spurr offers coaching, workshops, and live (or virtual) events that serve impact-driven badasses. Spurr serves up the tools, community, and inspo needed to create an extraordinary life. 


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Wearing multiple (sparkly) hats as a performer, Alex loves meeting a variety of casting needs. She is best known for her work as an Emmy-nominated Multimedia Journalist on NBC's Access Hollywood, and on-air work for QVC and COMPLEX. Throw in starring in short films, hosting big-ticket events, and modeling. But there's much more where that came from...

acting, hosting, moderating, etc.

but wait, there's more:

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Make your monday mornings a lot better.

Alex's Ready...Set..Go. newsletter is lovingly referred to as 'Your favorite kick-in-the-ass, every other Monday morning.' Longtime subscribers declare that it's exactly what you need to start the week well. In addition to coffee. Obviously. 


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No one has ever met or hired Alex Hudgens and been worse for it.
Just sayin'. 

This is gonna be great!